Celebrating 30 years of the Secret of Monkey Island

The Fan Game : Ghostbusters and the Secret of Monkey Island

Based on characters of Lucasfilm Games “Monkey Island” created by Ron Gilbert and Columbia Pictures movie “Ghostbusters”

The Ghostbusters, continuing their routine of paranormal investigation and elimination, are in trouble when an incident occurs in the laboratory with the trans dimensional portal created by doctors Spengler and Stantz to transfer the ghosts directly to the netherworld. The portal, which resonated with a place in the heart of the Caribbean in a remote time, allows the ghost of the pirate LeChuck to cross the passage and capture the unsuspecting secretary Janine Melnitz. Ray, with proton pack on the shoulders and technical equipment, ventures beyond the gateway to a world infested by ghost pirates to save Janine while Egon tries to stabilize the portal to bring them back. Will they be able to save Janine and capture the evil Pirate LeChuck?

Cross the sword... don’t cross the streams!

Starring : Simone scopa Special thanks to Wayne E. Pedersen (Voice Actor- Narrator) -------------------------------------- A Daniele Spadoni Production -------------------------------- F7 - Restore game F5 - Save game F9 - Quit game


The following game is a NON PROFIT Fan Game producer for entertainment purpose only.
All Characters, all related marks, logos and associated names and reference are copyright and trademark of their respective holders. This Fan Production is not open to commercial ADS. It is not intended for sales of any sort. No commercial exhibition or distribution is permitted. The content of this Fan Game could not be sold, rented or used for any commercial enterprise in any way, shape or form. There is no financial gain made from it.

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